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Вид с воздуха на распределительный центр

Powerful inventory management software for fulfillment centers and their clients is a cloud-based software designed specifically to meet the needs of fulfillment centers, prep centers, and their clients. The system encompasses all essential functionalities required for the automation and optimization of 3PL warehouse processes.

Key Software Features:

Integrations with marketplaces, online stores, delivery services, and other e-commerce platforms.

Inventory management across multiple locations.

Processing and fulfillment of multi-channel orders.

Returns processing.

Supplier management.

Handling shipments and removals for Amazon FBA.

Barcode scanner support.

Automated invoicing and settlements with clients.

The development team continues to actively enhance the software and introduce new features to meet the current market demands. Each client has the flexibility to request custom development of new functionalities, allowing them to fully tailor the system to their specific needs.

A special feature of is the availability of a separate IMS module for fullfillment center customers. If necessary, customers can start using locally to combine self-fulfillment and third-party logistics. The IMS module for customers supports product management on marketplaces. 
Software and tech support available in English, German and Russian.

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