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Intermediary in China

UnreaL China is a reliable intermediary in China, which professionally and in the shortest possible time closes such services as:

✅ Help with finding a supplier

Our team with vast experience and expertise in the Chinese market will find and provide you with a choice of suppliers of the goods you need!
With the ability to order samples of goods and subsequent verification in our warehouse, so that you can confidently place the production of goods.

✅ Supplier search

An experienced specialist of our company will provide you from 5 suppliers for the product you have chosen, with details and features of production and their catalogs.
Upon request, it will control the production for an individual order with branding of your product and inspect the batch.

✅ Assistance with the purchase of goods

Our specialist will contact the supplier you found on tao bao, Alibaba, 1688 and other sites. He will solve all your questions, as well as organize the redemption and delivery to a point of the world convenient for you.

✅ Inspection of goods and production

Our Inspection Specialist will select the most suitable and experienced inspector who will carry out the inspection according to the terms of reference you provide and the inspection standards we set.
Also, will accompany you from the request for inspection to the end of the inspection and the final report of the inspector.

✅ Checking samples of your goods

A special employee of our warehouse will help you remotely verify the quality of your goods, which is located in China. We will get samples of the products you want to run and do online sample inspection.

✅ Consolidation

Our team will help you collect samples from different suppliers in our warehouse and save a lot of money on sending samples in one parcel to your door.

- Repacking and all kinds of storage services
Services in China are many times cheaper than in Europe and America, therefore. We strongly recommend using warehouse services there.
Reliable employees of our warehouses will make all the manipulations with the goods according to the requirements of the market places or your requirements, so that you are satisfied.

✅ Insurance and delivery anywhere in the world

We will deliver your goods to almost anywhere in the world from China. Before sending, we will calculate the cost for any type of delivery from China (by air, by sea, by car, etc.) with or without goods insurance.
The price for delivery from China will be selected according to your budget and the delivery time for which you want to deliver the goods.

Leave your request for a consultation and our team will answer all your questions


We will answer any of your questions

You can contact us by clicking on the Messenger icon that is convenient for you

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