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We have 1 personal warehouse in Shenzhen and 11 partner warehouses in China, we can pick up goods all around China at the best price. We deliver the goods to countries where there are Amazon warehouses, such as the USA, Canada, Europe, England, Australia, and a large number of other countries.

Types of air transportation from China

We transport goods via:

  • Charter

  • Standard flights

  • Freight

  • Passenger aircraft

At different times:


  • Standard - 6-10 days

  • Express - 1-5 days 

  • general - do not require individual processing and special security measures (clothes, household items)

  • special - need special conditions (perishable products, valuable items)

  • dangerous - additional documents (safety passport) are required

Disadvantages of sea shipping:

  • Shipping time is longer 

  • We need a transshipment point before and after loading - this disadvantage is compensated by the fact that most of the goods are first consolidated in warehouses anyway.

Types of container transportation

Full Container Load (FCL)- transportation of a full container. The goods of one supplier occupies the whole container. 

Less Container Load (LCL)- group transportation. The container is filled with goods from different suppliers.



  • Faster - no need to wait for other providers

  • Containers are sealed at the factory, so the risk of damage is minimal.

  • You do not pay for the entire container, but only for the volume of your goods.

  • Warehouse handling is cheaper.

Shipping stages:

accounts (1).png



Cost approval with

the client


04. Freight

on the ship and sent to the designated country.




Removal of goods from the warehouse

or factory.


05. Arrival

goods are sorted by delivery addresses and delivered by local



03. Consolidation


goods are loaded into containers in warehouses or and sent to the port.

destination (1).png

06. Final delivery

carriers transport goods to the addressee.


The price is calculated individually depending on:


  • Weight and volume of goods

  • Product type

  • Type of air shipping (standard, express)

  • Additional services

Our advantages

  • We know reliable carriers all over China

  • You do not need to know Chinese, all our employees are fluent in Russian, Chinese and English.

  • We check the goods for marriage.

  • We help with the return - repackaging and resale.

Advantages of air shipping:

  • High shipping speed

  • High permeability

  • Safe transportation

  • Temperature regime


We will answer any of your questions

You can contact us by clicking on the Messenger icon that is convenient for you

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