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Shipping to Amazon from China 

We provide a range of logistics services for sellers on the Amazon platform - from door to door.

We pick up goods from China at a bargain price and deliver them to countries where there are Amazon warehouses: the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries.

Before you ship items to Amazon, you must prepare and package your items in accordance with Amazon's requirements. If this is not done, Amazon may refuse to accept the goods, or replace the stickers on the goods, which it may not apply correctly and you may experience a sorting problem.

While FBA warehouses are a great solution, relieving merchants of much of the hassle of order fulfillment, these services come at a cost. Therefore, in many cases, following the rules of Amazon helps to avoid additional costs.

After you, thanks to our warehouse services (or services from the manufacturer), have prepared and labeled your products, we choose the convenient option for shipping the goods to Amazon in terms of time and price and send your goods to the Amazon order fulfillment center

Our team will be happy to organize and calculate the most favorable price for you for the delivery of your cargo by sea or air in combination with land delivery, like a truck to the Amazon warehouse.

We will deliver your cargo taking into account all your wishes in terms of time and cost.

We deliver various types of goods:

We transport goods via:

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Dimensional

As well as dangerous goods, which are subject to mandatory certification.

Types of delivery to the Amazon warehouse

We deliver goods:

  • by sea

  • air

  • ground local delivery

Our managers will offer the best way, taking into account the terms, cost and conditions of transportation.

Shipping stages:


01. You provide information about the product for calculation.


05. We measure boxes.


02. Based on the data, we make shipping calculations.

money (1).png

06. You pay for shipping.

accounts (1).png

03. We deliver the goods from the supplier to our warehouse.

flying (1).png

07. We ship the goods to the designated warehouse


04. We check again for compliance with the requirements of Amazon.


08. You receive a notification of the arrival of the goods.


The price depends on:


  • weight and volume of goods

  • product type

  • type of delivery

  • sending and receiving addresses

Our advantages:

  • We follow the policy of Amazon, so we know how to provide quality service and solve customer issues

  • We have extensive experience, we have been working since 2017

  • All employees are fluent in Chinese, which eliminates misunderstandings during work

Our managers will calculate the best way, taking into account the terms, cost and conditions of transportation.


We are well aware and understand the rules for the delivery of goods to Amazon, the requirements of FBA warehouses for the packaging of goods. If you want your goods to arrive safe and sound and you have a good sleep, then entrust this matter to us. We will professionally cope with any task.

Our clients may have a question:

“Shipping through a supplier or the services of a logistics company?”

There are 2 delivery options:

1)through a supplierAfter all, it's no secret that  suppliers can offer logistics services cheaper, through the company's noname, which entails all the consequences,

First option for the delivery of goods from China may seem the easiest and cheapest, since it does not require the search for an intermediary company. However, in practice, everything entails a number of consequences that carry risks for the client and his cargo.

Firstly, Chinese suppliers usually do not include the cost of customs clearance, which includes the payment of tax duties, the cost of clearance and storage of goods in a customs warehouse, in the cost of delivery. The solution of all problems arising in this regard falls on the shoulders of the client, who, as a rule, finds out about them at the last moment and does not know how to solve them.
We often receive such a series of requests for a solution, but we deal only with those cargoes that we processed ourselves.

2)through a reliable logistics company, which will responsibly escort you and your cargo from the manufacturer to Amazon warehouses

Group 1.png

Secondly,the main task of the factory is the production and sale of goods, so there is no point in creating a specialized logistics department. In such cases, the supplier turns to a partner transport company, which does not always have an idea about the features of delivery under the Amazon FBA program. The language barrier and peculiarities of the Chinese attitude to reality further exacerbate the situation. For example, the terms of Incoterms FOB can be interpreted by the Chinese side as delivery to the port of the province, while for the client this is the port of departure from the country.

Third, the supplier has no incentive to build business processes for cargo escort, as this is a responsible and long process that does not bring them money.

As a result You, as a client, get  a number of  problems that can happen to you  at any stage of transportation  and no one will help you.

The best way to avoid them is to contact us, a professional logistics company UnreaL China


We will answer any of your questions

You can contact us by clicking on the Messenger icon that is convenient for you

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