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Finding Suppliers in China


China is a huge market with a rich selection of products and services, but for successful procurement and cooperation with Chinese suppliers, many aspects and risks must be taken into account. UnreaL China is your trusted partner in finding reliable Chinese suppliers and ensuring secure transactions.

✅ Manufacturer Market Analysis UnreaL China offers comprehensive market analysis to help you find the best manufacturers to suit your needs and business focus.


✅ Finding reliable suppliers Selecting reliable suppliers is a key point in successful procurement. UnreaL China has extensive experience in finding reliable Chinese partners, providing thorough verification of their reputation and product quality.


✅ Working out all the nuances related to the purchase and verification of documents The purchase of goods from China includes various aspects, including documentation, customs procedures and other nuances. UnreaL China helps you resolve all these issues while ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.


✅ Organizing a secure transaction Security of transactions is a priority for UnreaL China. We help prevent fraud and minimize risks when transacting with Chinese suppliers by providing reliable payment schemes and monitoring the process.

✅ Expense planning and cost minimization Effective budget management is important for business. UnreaL China helps businesses plan expenses by minimizing costs and providing cost-effective purchasing options.

Logistics planning Logistics plays a key role in sourcing from China. We help optimize logistics processes, reducing time and costs for delivering goods.

✅ Customs clearance assistance Customs procedures can be complex and confusing. UnreaL China provides professional assistance in preparing all necessary documents and overcoming customs barriers.

✅ Strict adherence to delivery deadlines Compliance with delivery deadlines is critical for business. UnreaL China ensures that your orders are delivered on time, which contributes to your reputation and customer satisfaction.

UnreaL China is your reliable partner in China, helping you to carry out successful procurement, complying with all necessary regulations and ensuring the security of transactions. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the best suppliers in China.

Don't risk your business - choose UnreaL China!


Service for finding suppliers for one product item

Service cost 150$

✅ We will find 3 suppliers on 1688 or Alibaba, Tao Bao

✅ We provide live photos personally from the supplier.

✅ We will provide catalogs from these suppliers.

✅ We will do an online verification of suppliers.

✅ We will ask for product prices and production dates.

✅ Find out the dimensions of the goods and transport boxes.

✅ We will pass on all contacts to you.

✅ We will order a sample and personally review it at the warehouse (the service is paid separately for $15 + delivery costs).

✅ Service execution time is 5 working days.

Service “Negotiations with a supplier on an individual request for the production of goods”
(customization of goods, design changes, logo application, etc.) or equipment.

The cost of the service is $200

✅ Development of one product, logo, design, shape, set assembly

✅ Number of edits during work up to 5 edits

✅ Service completion time 30 days


Purchase without customization, modification or change of goods.

The client provides the supplier's contact information.
We contact the supplier, agree on the order of the batch and its payment, and negotiate until the end of the purchase.


3% $10,000+

4% $5000-9999

5% <$1000-4999


*All buybacks where the company's commission is less than $50 are made for a minimum cost of $50.

What's included?




You fill out in detail and send us the service request form.




You study the offer, make an advance payment for the goods and our services, and we get to work.




If everything is fine with the goods, we pack and organize delivery and customs clearance to your country.




After checking your application, we negotiate with the supplier and find out the timing, availability and prices of the goods.




On the day we receive your advance payment, we place an order for the goods from the supplier.

*If you need to order a sample review it costs an additional $15  + shipping costs.




You pay for delivery, we arrange it as quickly as possible and you receive the goods at the warehouse of the transport company




We will send you a commercial offer with the results of negotiations and indicating the cost of our services.




In 2-5 days the product will arrive at our warehouse, and we will carefully check it and send you a review report.

Can I find a supplier myself?

Yes, you can, but this idea does not always meet the expectations of a novice entrepreneur who has to study advertising platforms and trading portals day and night, making a lot of requests and visiting a lot of resources. In the end, there is a chance of not finding anything or even running into scammers, which is no longer uncommon.

There is another option: go to China in person, to some specialized exhibition or fair.
Only this business trip will require time and money, as well as an interpreter, because not all Chinese businessmen speak English fluently, and Russian is a limited number.

In any case, attending such an event will not allow you to get a complete picture of the manufacturing enterprise, and if you manage to choose the right option, then the counterparty will still have to be checked for reliability, and this is all done before signing contracts.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact UnreaL China professionals in your field with a request. We will make sure that all delivery conditions are met, the goods are produced on time, you save your sleep and develop your business.


We will answer any of your questions

You can contact us by clicking on the Messenger icon that is convenient for you

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