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Redemption of goods in China

Redemption of goods, as a rule, causes problems for an entrepreneur who has just started working with China.

The specialists of our company will deal with the problem and offer the best options for solving your issues, including those related to the purchase of goods in China.

We will offer you the most profitable and convenient option for cooperation, tell you in more detail about the schemes of interaction with China and organize the uninterrupted delivery of goods from China.

Our company offers you a service for the purchase and delivery of goods from China, both directly from manufacturers of goods, and from Chinese online stores such as,, and other online sites.


Purchase without customization, modification or change of goods.
The client provides the supplier's contact information. We contact the supplier, agree on the order of the batch and its payment, and negotiate until the end of the purchase.

3% $10,000+

4% $5000-9999

5% <$1000-4999

*All buybacks where the company's commission is less than $50 are made for a minimum cost of $50.

Our steps:




You fill out in detail and send us the service request form.




You study the offer, make an advance payment for the goods and our services, and we get to work.




If everything is fine with the goods, we pack and organize delivery and customs clearance to your country.




After checking your application, we negotiate with the supplier and find out the timing, availability and prices of the goods.




On the day we receive your advance payment, we place an order for the goods from the supplier.

*If you need to order a sample review it costs an additional $15  + shipping costs.




You receive the goods at the warehouse of the transport company and pay the delivery cost.




We will send you a commercial offer with the results of negotiations and indicating the cost of our services.




After 2-5 days, the product will arrive at our warehouse, and we will carefully check it and send you a review report.

If you need to negotiate with a supplier on an individual request for the production of goods (product customization, design changes, logo application, etc.) or equipment.
The cost of this service is $200

✅ Development of one product, logo, design, shape, set assembly
✅ Number of edits during work up to 5 edits
✅ Service completion time is 30 days, if within 30 days the client has not made a decision, then the service is considered completed

​Also, our team will provide a solution in the “Supplier Search Service” service for one product item
Service cost 100$

✅ We will find 3 suppliers on 1688 or Alibaba, Tao Bao

✅ We provide live photos personally from the supplier.

✅ We will provide catalogs from these suppliers.

✅ We will do an online verification of suppliers.

✅ We will ask for product prices and production dates.

✅ Find out the dimensions of the goods and transport boxes.

✅We will pass on all contacts to you.

✅We will order a sample and personally review it at the warehouse (the service is paid separately for $15+ delivery costs).


Service execution time is 5 working days.



We will answer any of your questions

You can contact us by clicking on the Messenger icon that is convenient for you

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