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Manufacture of goods under own brand

Entrepreneurs often strive to produce products under their own brand - after all, this makes the product unique and the brand recognizable.

Goods under the own brand of the company that sells them inspire confidence among consumers, because it is the seller company that is responsible for the quality of production. The rating of the company depends on this.

The organization of the production of goods under its own brand, in any country, is an expensive, labor-intensive and difficult to implement process. It is cheaper and much more efficient to set up production under your brand at one of the factories in China.

After all, no one has surpassed China in this direction yet.

Even with small orders, manufacturers in China meet the needs of the customer and put your brand on the product.

To organize the production of products under your brand, Unreal China specialists will select a suitable and reliable factory or plant. They will negotiate on your terms of reference. Prepare a preliminary calculation of the cost of a batch of products and the cost of their delivery from China to anywhere in the world.

They will order the production of a sample and deliver it to our warehouse using the “review of samples from the manufacturer” service to check the quality and approve the launch of the main batch into production.

Negotiating with the supplier on an individual request for the production of goods

(customization of goods, design changes, logo application, etc.) or equipment.

The cost of the service is $200

✅Development of one product, logo, design, shape, set assembly

✅Number of edits during work up to 5 edits

✅Service completion time 30 days

Purchase without customization, modification or change of goods.

The client provides the supplier's contact information.

We contact the supplier, agree on the order of the batch and its payment, and negotiate until the end of the purchase.

3% $10,000+

4% $5000-9999

5% <$1000-4999

*All buyouts where the company's commission is less than $50 are made for a minimum cost of $50.

Service for finding suppliers for one product item

Service cost 100$

We will find 3 suppliers on 1688 or Alibaba, Tao Bao

✅We provide live photos personally from the supplier.

✅We will provide catalogs from these suppliers.

✅We will do an online verification of suppliers.

✅We will ask for product prices and production dates.

✅ Let's find out the dimensions of the goods and transport boxes.

✅We will pass on all contacts to you.

✅We will order a sample and personally review it at the warehouse (the service is paid separately for $15+ delivery costs).

Service execution time is 5 working days.

After the end of production, we can inspect the goods, check their quality and specified technical properties.

At the end of the whole range of services, UnreaL China organizes customs clearance and delivery of your cargo to the destination city in the most optimal and inexpensive way.


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