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What you need to know before sending your goods to our warehouse

✅ Shipping boxes should be cardboard, without extra lacing, without additional packaging in bags.

✅ Labels must be affixed to both sides of the shipping box, two per box. This is necessary so that during transportation, if one of them peels off or rubs, then there will always be a second one that you can focus on.

If you stick only one label on the box, then upon delivery to Amazon, the Amazon warehouse simply will not be able to scan it, thus the box will be lost.

✅ Before sending, it is necessary to discuss with a colleague of our company who will deliver the goods to our warehouse, our company or the supplier.

✅ An important point, the weight and dimensions of the boxes provided by the supplier are not always accurate. Since many suppliers and manufacturers always indicate the dimensions of the boxes at the corners of the boxes, it is important to know that the dimensions of the boxes are calculated from the most convex side of the box. Also note that after packaging during the shipping process, the boxes tend to spread a little by 1-2 cm as a result of shaking and pressure.

✅ When we make a preliminary calculation based on your data, it is not for nothing that we call it “preliminary”, since when the boxes arrive at our warehouse, we weigh them and measure them again. We can provide confirmation in the form of photos or videos of box measurements. After taking new measurements of the boxes, the final delivery cost is calculated. This is a small difference in price, but it is there, and it only works if you have some incorrect data initially.


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