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Recommendations to prevent damage to goods during transportation.

Very often, clients from the CIS countries purchase goods in China on the Chinese Alibaba website, and this is where problems with packaging begin. When a supplier sells a product, he thinks that the product will be delivered throughout China and does not bother much with packaging. Therefore, it is important to warn your supplier in advance that the goods will go outside of China. And ask to do the packaging according to the recommendations below.

✅ The supplier needs to use a higher quality box with at least 5 layers of cardboard, (see photo). If the supplier does not have such boxes, you need to ask the manager to replace the boxes after receiving the goods at the warehouse.

✅ Carefully pack the entire box with tape. Many suppliers tape only the places where the box opens, so the box is very easy to damage. If the supplier does not have the ability to wrap the boxes as in the picture, then you need to ask the manager to do this after receiving the goods at the warehouse.

✅Depending on the differences of each product, it should have its own packaging method, for example, for soft goods or glass products that are easy to deform, it is recommended to use special packaging for each product, then only pack into a shipping box.

✅ When sending goods to the CIS countries, it is advisable to pack the boxes in special wooden frames and wooden boxes (crate), because the method of transportation there is relatively rigid and the boxes are easier to damage. Lathings are used when shipping only to CIS countries.

There are 3 types of box lathing:

1) Light lathing, where boxes are lined with thin slats, which maintains the rigidity of the box and does not add extra weight to transportation.

2) Rigid lathing, where the boxes are lined with wide boards, which makes the box stronger and able to withstand more load, but this adds extra weight to transportation. An example is in the picture below.

3) Box, where the boxes or the product itself is packed in a wooden box, which ensures that the product arrives undamaged. An example is in the picture below.


The pricing policy of different logistics companies determines their prices for packaging and transportation services. The cost is calculated from several factors:

✅ The mass of the object. The heavier, the greater the quantity and quality of materials. Low-quality components are not allowed at high weights, as this will lead to damage.

✅ Dimensions (length, width, height). It is not profitable to create a crate for a small load. The frame itself will influence the mass of the object. Unreasonable increases in shipping costs and transportation through customs points will cause problems.

✅ Type of design. Non-standard cargo shapes make it difficult to create protection and require an individual design.

✅ Additional options. Fragile objects require extra precautions when loading, transporting and shipping. Shock-absorbing materials, belts, opening tools.

✅ Type and speed of transportation. Fast shipping and transportation affect the cost.

It is very important to know that if you received the goods and the outer box looks intact, without any damage, then in this case our company is not responsible for the damaged goods inside.

It is also important to know that responsibility for packaging the goods lies entirely on the shoulders of the client, because... the customer knows the product best and knows how best to package it. We kindly ask you to consider this issue carefully and discuss all the details with your supplier in advance. In all other cases, you can contact our managers for help packaging goods in a Chinese warehouse.


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