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Amazon delivery guide for beginners

I want to share with you a guide on the delivery of goods from China to the USA. In fact, the delivery of goods from China to the United States is the most reliable and well-established.

To be successful on marketplaces, you need reliable partners, such as a supplier and a forwarder, who will close the moments of production and delivery. Your success is most dependent on your partners. Today we will talk about a forwarder - a partner who will completely solve the issue of logistics for you from door to door.

Let's start in order, what do you need to get the goods from China to the US, safely and on time.

1. Product:

You need to ask your supplier for all the necessary product documentation in advance. Most often it is a certificate of origin of goods (Certificate of Origin), safety certificate (SDS - Safety Data Sheet), invoice and other specific certificates.

Your forwarder will tell you what kind of certificates you need, we will talk about it below.

2. Product preparation:

It is very important that your product is ready according to the requirements of the market places. In the case of Amazon, you must have one of the FNSKU, UPC, EAN stickers on the product, and FBA labels on the shipping box.

If you have a large product and one unit is one shipping box in which the product will be sold and delivered to customers, then in this case the FNSKU, UPC, EAN and FBA label stickers are glued to this box together.

2. Shipping box details:

Ask the supplier for a packing list that has information about each box, such as: quantity, weight, shipping box size, and number of units inside.

3. Terms of delivery by the supplier:

Often, suppliers sell goods on EXW Incoterms 2020 or FOB Incoterms 2020 terms. EXW means that the client picks up the goods from the supplier's warehouse, FOB means that the supplier will deliver the goods to the specified port of departure, or city to the carrier's warehouse. It doesn't matter which method is better, here it is better to focus on which method is more profitable.

For example, the supplier offers you a price for 100 units of goods EXW $1000 dollars, and FOB Shenzhen $1100 dollars. Differences of $ 100 dollars, just this is the cost of delivery of goods by the supplier to the port or warehouse of the carrier in Shenzhen. But if your carrier offers you a price of $50 to pick up the goods from the supplier and deliver them to your warehouse or port, then it is more profitable to buy goods from the supplier on EXW terms and save $50 on internal logistics in China.

Saved - count earned!

5. Shipping address:

There is one small rule here, despite the fact that delivery within China is not expensive, it is still important that suppliers are as close to ports as possible. But even if the supplier is located in a remote area, it will not be difficult to pick up the goods even from such a supplier.

5. Delivery address:

It is important that the shipping address in the US be in California or as close as possible. This is the shortest and most profitable way of delivery. Yes, you can ship to any address in the US, but again there is the question of shipping costs.

6. Forwarder selection:

We always recommend that customers contact different logistics companies to compare rates and see market prices. But it is also important to look at the reputation of forwarders, read reviews, check the company's social networks, and it is best to get feedback from people who have worked with this forwarder.

7. Shipping cost calculation:

By contacting the forwarder, provide him with all the information above and ask him to calculate different types of delivery based on the budget or time during which the goods must be delivered. It is very important to clarify with the forwarder under what conditions the goods are delivered by DDP Incoterms 2020, which includes all costs to the recipient's door, or DDU Incoterms 2020, which takes into account all costs to the recipient's door, with the exception of customs duties, which are paid upon invoicing by the customs authorities. We recommend working under DDP terms, where you avoid unexpected payments such as customs inspections and other customs fees. Having the shipping cost, you can already choose the right contractor and start the shipping process.

8. Payment and shipping:

After the goods arrive at the warehouse of the transport company, the boxes will be re-measured and weighed. Based on this information, the final shipping invoice will be issued.

9. Item waiting:

If you work with a proven forwarder, then at this stage you have nothing to worry about, you can calmly go about your business and expect the goods to be delivered within the previously agreed time.

10. After delivery of the goods:

When the goods are delivered, the forwarder must provide you with proof that the goods have been delivered, such as BOL (Bill of Landing) or POD (Proof of Delivery), which will help you resolve issues with Amazon in the event that Amazon does not fully accept the shipped goods .

We talked about all the stages of delivery of goods from China to Amazon. As you can see, if you are working with a proven forwarder, you have nothing to worry about. Your main task is to tell the forwarder where to pick up the goods from, check the size of the shipping boxes with the data from the supplier, pay for the delivery and wait for the goods on Amazon.

If you have any questions, leave comments, we will answer them.

Successful sales to you.


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