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How to find wholesale suppliers on

In this article, we will tell you how to find wholesale suppliers on the 1688 website and what criteria should be considered when choosing a supplier.

After registering on, every entrepreneur begins to search for his treasure, which he can sell on marketplaces or his website and earn big money.

We hope it will be so!

How to search for a product on

Instead of searching for the product you want in English, just open Google Translate, translate it from your language into Simplified Chinese and copy it into the search bar.

You will get a much larger number of ads in the results.

Also on the 1688 website there is a function to search for a product by photo. Click on the camera icon next to the search field to upload a photo of the product you want. The system will provide similar products and related suppliers.

What should you consider when choosing suppliers for 1688?

In the seller's description, the presence of the company is at least 3 years old

If the company is new, its production may not yet be established, and working with them may be risky.

Supplier rating

Pay attention to the number of positive reviews in the supplier's listing. We do not recommend working with companies that have a rating of less than 4 stars out of 5.

List of suppliers

Reviewing a list of suppliers can help determine whether a company is a manufacturer or a reseller.

In most cases, Chinese factories specialize in producing relatively homogeneous products. Too wide a product range often indicates that the company is actually a reseller.

This is important to determine in cases where product customization is required. Factory representatives are well aware of the specifics and characteristics of the products. On the other hand, managers of intermediary companies are poorly informed about production technology. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your requirements will be understood and met properly.

How to communicate with suppliers by calling 1688?

All you have to do is click on the blue icon and the chat interface will open.

Many training courses often advise writing detailed messages to suppliers to show you are serious and stand out from the crowd of similar requests.

Our experience proves the opposite: get straight to the point, describe your request briefly and clearly. The clearer it is, the faster you can find a common language with the supplier.

If you decide to place a large order, the supplier may ask additional questions about your company.

How to negotiate the best price?

Good knowledge of your product and market price range. Study!

Knowing in detail about the features of the product you need can help you avoid unnecessary expenses on options or features you don't need. Knowing the current market situation and average prices is extremely useful for negotiations with the supplier, especially for large orders.

Conduct a constructive dialogue with the supplier

In China, you can get almost any price for an item from a supplier, but it may come at the cost of cutting corners, sacrificing quality, and skimping on everything. Especially when it comes to first orders.

The best way to reduce costs is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your supplier. For example, if you find a better deal, your supplier will likely make concessions to avoid losing a loyal customer.

The fact is that both social and business relationships in China are based on the concept of "Guanxi". It is very important to understand how this works in order to run a successful business with suppliers in China.


To save time and effort on independently searching for suppliers on 1688, you can use our service. We will find the most suitable suppliers, purchase goods from our Alipay account, deliver them to our warehouse in China for preparation before shipping to the destination country.


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