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Groupage cargo China

Delivery of groupage cargo from China is the most effective way to transport small consignments of goods. Our company, with 6 years of experience in this field, provides a full range of services, selecting the best cargo transportation option individually for each client.

How does it all work?

✅ Sending a Commercial Proposal (CP).

✅ Conclusion of an agreement.

✅ Cargo pickup. We contact the supplier and our driver picks up the cargo from the warehouse.

✅ Consolidation and weighing. We confirm the rate, insure the cargo and prepare it for shipment.

✅ Dispatch. We regularly update you on the location of the cargo and prepare for customs clearance procedures.

✅ Payment. The invoice is paid after shipment of the goods.

✅ Acceptance of cargo at a warehouse in the destination country. We receive the necessary documents at the customs warehouse and inform you about the arrival of the cargo.

✅ Customs clearance of cargo. We ensure the minimum processing time for your CCD (Cargo Customs Declaration).

✅ Door-to-door delivery. Based on your instructions, we can plan and carry out door-to-door delivery.

Groupage cargo from China

Our company, "UnreaL-China," provides a full range of services in the field of project logistics, including multimodal transportation around the world, insurance, certification and customs clearance of goods. By ordering delivery of cargo to your door from us, you will save time, effort and money.

What nuances should you pay attention to when transporting groupage cargo from China?

LCL transportation is an economically feasible option for the delivery of consignments whose volume does not reach the transport standard. With LCL transportation, the cost of delivery of groupage cargo from China is calculated based on the actual volume of cargo transported, and not on the basis of the full capacity of the container. This allows customers to pay only for the volume they actually transport, making LCL shipping more cost-effective and efficient for smaller shipments.

When companies cooperate with partners, problems may arise related to:

✅ The territorial dispersion of suppliers is a factor that creates difficulties when forming consolidation shipments for delivery.

✅ Documented delivery.

✅ Delays in forming the norm required to load the container.

Sending goods as part of groupage shipments actually helps reduce transportation costs and can speed up transportation. However, it is worth noting that when delivering groupage cargo from China by sea, the time costs for consolidation can be significant and amount to more than one month.

✅ Delivery of groupage cargo from China by road has the following advantages:

✅ Fast delivery: Depending on the speed of batch formation, cargo can arrive in Russia in just 12-25 days, which significantly reduces transportation time.

✅ Flexibility and mobility: Since there is no need for reloading at transshipment points, loading and unloading operations are carried out only after the goods have been delivered to Russia at the point specified by the customer. This provides flexibility in transportation management.

✅ Constant monitoring: The logistics operator tracks the movement of cargo in real time, which provides reliable control over delivery and information about the status of the cargo.

✅ Economical cost: The cost of transporting a unit volume of cargo by van is usually significantly lower than when using air transportation. This allows you to save on transportation costs.

Features of sea transportation of groupage cargo from China

One of the main advantages of this transportation method is the more affordable price of transportation, especially for large quantities of goods. The sea route is chosen in situations where delivery speed is not a critical aspect. Cost-effectiveness and reliability have made sea transportation the most popular. Cargo is shipped in containers of varying capacities, and shipping costs from China for groupage cargo are based solely on their actual weight.

Advantages of cargo delivery from China by UnreaL-China

We provide a full range of services for organizing the delivery of groupage cargo from China, using various modes of transport, including rail, sea, air and road transport. Our experienced specialists control every stage of transportation, and we provide the following services:

✅ Consultations and on transportation clearance issues to help you choose the optimal delivery route and resolve any logistics-related issues.

✅ Customs clearance and cargo insurance, ensuring the safety and correct registration of your cargo in accordance with legal requirements.

✅ Cargo tracking at all stages of its movement so that you are always aware of where your cargo is and when it is expected.

✅ Delivery of cargo to your door in the shortest possible time, providing maximum convenience for you.

Feel free to call us and clarify all questions about future cooperation. We are ready to provide you with high-quality logistics and delivery services.


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