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Container delivery from China

China is a world leader in the export of wholesale and small-scale quantities of goods. Container shipping from China is a convenient and reliable way to deliver products to various regions. Depending on the characteristics of the equipment, different types of containers are available.

Unreal China has been involved in international shipping from China since 2017 and offers a variety of shipping options using different modes of transport. We take care of all stages of the process, from issuing an order and processing documents to forwarding the goods to the client’s destination.

Advantages of container shipping from China:

Versatility: Containers can be used for both large-sized and groupage cargo. A variety of models are available, including 20-, 40- and 45-foot containers, as well as top-loading and extended-volume containers, allowing you to choose the right container type for different types of products.

Variety of modes of transport: Containers can be delivered by sea, rail, road or air depending on the urgency and characteristics of the cargo.

Container reliability: Containers are made of durable metal sheets with rigid ribs, ensuring cargo protection from damage. They are also sealed before shipping, preventing unauthorized access.

Time saving: Each container has a strictly specified size and weight, which simplifies loading and unloading operations. Standardized methods make it possible to deliver goods to the client without opening the package, and uniform standards for fastenings and platforms speed up transshipment between different modes of transport.

The maximum weight of a shipment of goods for one shipment is up to 28 tons, which makes container shipping from China the most convenient choice for small and medium-sized companies.

Options for transporting containers from China:

Sea transportation: Suitable for heavy and oversized cargo that does not require urgent delivery.

Rail transportation: It has a developed road network and is suitable for transporting large quantities of goods and equipment.

Automobile transportation: Mobility and versatility make this method popular.

Air transportation: The fastest, but also the most expensive method for small shipments and valuable cargo.

The cost of container transportation depends on the chosen transport, the characteristics of the cargo and the conditions of customs clearance.

Why choose UnreaL-china

✅ We offer a comprehensive solution, including negotiations with contractors, loading control, storage and consolidation of orders, as well as preparation of the necessary documentation.

✅ We ensure product quality control and provide photo and video reports when goods arrive at the warehouse.

✅ Our company guarantees safety by cooperating only with reliable suppliers.

✅ We provide 24/7 customer support.

✅ We do not use hidden fees or intermediary services, which allows us to reduce transportation costs.

To order container delivery, calculate the cost or consult on other issues, please contact our sales department. Our managers are always ready to help you.


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